Theatre European Engagement Network(TEEN) is a creative Europe research project that aims to engage teenagers in the theatre and create a European network that discusses and disseminate the latest research and the best practices in performing arts for young audiences. It is a  cooperation project to enable culture professionals set up a new comprehensive strategy and tools to develop theatre sector for a “non – public” of today (younger audience aged 10 to 19) and ensure a great audience of tomorrow, across Europe.

The project partners are:
Segni d´Infanzia Associazione in Italy, 
Scenekunstbruket in Norway,
Teatercentrum in Denmark and
Center of theatre studies in the university of Lisbon in Portugal.

We invite everybody, teens and adults, with an interest, passion or knowledge of teens and theatre to join our network and share your ideas, your knowledge and your questions on how teens engage in theatre performances.