After the experience of the project T.E.E.N. Theatre European Engagement Network, Teen Ambassadors across Europe is a European cooperation project that aims to develop a sustainable and scalable inclusive audience engagement methodology, programming theatre for young audiences through a co-curatorial approach.

In the next 2 years 6 partners through 4 co-curatorial workshops and 8 Kitchen Table meetings in 11 festival in the field of young audiences theatre, will produce a programme of co-curated performances with the goal of enabling culture professionals to better reach an increasing number of teenagers across Europe (aged 10 to 19).

The partners involved in this processual work are Teen Ambassadors that are chosen teen spectators with an active involvement in the theatre experience, Artistic Directors of the performing arts field and a group of engaged Teachers to facilitate reflections on the school system and the role it plays in guiding the teens’ cultural experience.

The set of the discussion is a Kitchen Table where they will be sat all together sharing visions, wishes, ideas and point of views with all the other guests who may wish to take part in this new adventure.

The Kitchen Table is a reflection tool able to engage at the same time teenagers, artistic directors, artists, playwriters and teachers in a unique and innovative way that stimulates a dialogue to find a new point of view on programming for teens. The presence of the Teen Ambassadors, and the participatory process in which they will be engaged, will enable culture professionals to set up more inclusive European theatre and cultural proposals.


The project partners are:


Segni d´Infanzia Associazione in Italy

Segni d’infanzia is an artistic and cultural organisation originated in 2008. The Association believes that providing children and teenagers with high-quality stimulation – and thus the best energies and tools to grow and trigger positive change – is the only way to contribute to the cultural maturation of contemporary society. One of the main project of Segni d’infanzia is SEGNI New Generations Festival. The festival is addressed to the world of schools and families, and to all those who love the theatre, research and the languages of the arts.

Scenekunstbruket in Norway

Norsk Scenekunstbruk AS – The Norwegian Touring Network for the Performing Arts, is the largest nationwide provider of performing arts for a young audiences in Norway. They ensure that children and young people from age 0–20 years, regardless of background and domicile, will experience professional performing arts.

Teatercentrum in Denmark

Teatercentrum (“Theatre Centre”) is a competence center for distribution and dissemination of theatre for young audiences. Teatercentrum disseminates knowledge about theatre for young audiences and itinerant theatre In addition, Teatercentrum has many years of experience in organising conferences and talks on themes related to theatre for young audiences.
Teatercentrum also houses the Danish branch of ASSITEJ, the World Theatre Network of Theatre for Children and Young People.

Cultuurcentrum Hasselt in Belgium

As a major cultural center in Belgium it presents an art programme of more than 250 performances and exhibitions a year, including 50 school performances and a series of 30 family shows. For young audiences it also has a co-production platform to help artists create new work for children and their (grand)parents. But the major event for young audiences is the annual Krokusfestival each February.  Krokusfestival is an international arts festival for young audiences. The main focus is on new work, international shows, contemporary dance and installation/performances.

 “La Caixa” Foundation in Spain

”la Caixa” has a strong social commitment and vocation to further the interests of society at large, both through its financial business and its Foundation, which supports and carries out activities related to society, culture, education and science. Our core lines focus on those social programmes with the greatest capacity to transform society, with particular attention on children and job creation; increasing investment in medical research and maintaining excellence in spreading both knowledge and culture. The culture area of ”la Caixa” Foundation has been working on and developing the CaixaEscena programme for the past eleven years, implementing it all over Spain. This is a participatory programme, which incorporates the performing arts within education as a means of strengthening young people’s cultural, social and pedagogical development. CaixaEscena provides teachers with resources and skills and works together with them to improve their projects.

Dialogue – The Community Performance Network in  Great Britain

Dialogue is a non-profit knowledge sharing network with a mission to support practitioners working in the field of Community Performance, which includes those who produce Theatre for Young Audiences. Dialogue’s main activities revolve around increasing the capability of the sector to generate and use documentation and evidence in order to boost and sustain its work.

With expertise in Creative & Participatory Documentation, Evaluation & Impact Assessment, and Communication Strategy, Dialogue is uniquely placed to effectively document, monitor, evaluate, and disseminate the TEEN project outcomes and impact.