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An Introduction to ‘TEEN Ambassadors Across Europe’

Briefing Information for Teachers in Barcelona

CaixaEscena is a Social programme of “la Caixa” that aims to create opportunities and offer support to teachers and educators who want to engage Teenagers in the Performing Arts, and thus to contribute to the creation of future audiences.

CaixaEscena, as part of the internationalisation aspect of “la Caixa” Foundation’s strategic plan, is participating in the TEEN Ambassadors Across Europe project. CaixaEscena is taking advantage of this opportunity to reach out to teachers committed to the Theatre, especially those who accompany Teenagers to performances, encourage critical appraisal, and help Teenagers define their tastes and preferences.

TEEN Ambassadors Across Europe is a European project working to develop Teenage audiences and encouraging young adolescents to participate in Theatre programmes.

It is focused on young adolescents (10-19), Artistic Directors of Theatre festivals (or those in charge of programming), teaching staff in the compulsory education system, Artists in the Theatre sector, and other related stakeholders.

The project will specifically focus on contemporary European Theatre – understood in its broadest sense to include Object Theatre, Puppetry, Circus, and Dance.

Objectives and Actions of TEEN Ambassadors Across Europe


To promote and reinforce the development of young audiences, encouraging active participation and a critical spirit in adolescent spectators.

To develop a sustainable and progressive methodology that involves the public – programming Theatre performances for teenagers through a ‘co-programming’ approach whilst taking into account the perspective of teachers and the everyday reality of the educational system.


The festivals involved in the project will recruit Creative Professionals & Artists to listen to adolescents’ opinions and viewpoints, and working with them to co-programme the the productions chosen for Teenagers in Theatre festivals.

“La Caixa” Foundation, in the context of the CaixaEscena programme, will work to encourage teenagers to go to the Theatre with their teachers holding a critical, constructive and innovative attitude.

Our challenges:

  • To consolidate a heterogeneous group of teachers, professionals and associates in order to normalise Theatre in the educational environment. At the end of the project there should be about 25 participants in our national group.
  • To build a methodology of good practices to communicate to the rest of the educational community once the project has finished. This methodology should be in a format that is appropriate for dissemination.

    The project began in November 2018 and will finish at the end of 2020. During these two years, CaixaEscena will assist a group of teachers already actively involved in Theatre practice in the school environment to continue developing best practice tools and methodologies. We aim normalise Theatre and improve the relationship of Teenagers with the Performing Arts, as active spectators, critics, and creators.

At the same time, alliances will be established with different festivals and organisations around the country to create awareness and facilitate various types of collaboration.

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