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New TEEN Project

New Partners, New Activities, and More!

TEEN 2 is a collaborative project that aims to develop a sustainable and inclusive Teenager audience for the Performing Arts. This project hopes to establish active, concrete relationships between Artistic Programmers and potential Teenage audience members. T

Led by Segni d’Infanzia (Italy), our partners include Teatercentrum (Denmark), Cultuurcentrum Hasselt (Belgium), “la Caixa” Foundation (Spain), Norsk Scenekunstbruk (Norway), and Dialogue – The Community Performance Network (United Kingdom).

The Teenage participants in the project will be called ‘Teenage Ambassadors’. We hope that these Teenagers, already actively involved in Theatre, will encourage their peers to performances in a way that Teachers, Parents, and Artistic Directors may have failed to in the past. They will also be Ambassadors in a different sense – they will be responsible for representing their peers in discussions with the Artistic Directors about what they want to see on stage.

Thanks to this participatory process involving the Teenage Ambassadors, the project aims to enable Creative Professionals & Artists to work to better engage and develop Teenage audiences across Europe. With this in mind, the strategies and tools developed in the previous iteration of the TEEN Project will be disseminated and made available to professionals working in other countries.

The project will also explore how schools may impact Teenagers’ experiences of the Performing Arts, involving teachers in an experimental ‘Co-Programming’ methodology.

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