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Project Update

May 2017 Project Update

TEEN, the Theatre European Engagement Network project, funded by Creative Europe, is still running over the summer. In Italy, the Teenage Ambassadors visited the Theatre Research Festival Santarcangelo Di Romagna.

The TEEN crew met their counterparts from Wash Up, an engagement project led by Eva Neklyaeva, the Director of the festival Santarcangelo. During their meeting, the Teenagers from these two different projects shared their passion for Theatre.

After the summer…

The Teenage Ambassadors from Denmark and Norway will be in Mantova (Italy) from October 30th to November 3rd for the SEGNI New Generations Festival 2017. Here they will attend workshops dedicated to Teenage audiences, including a roundtable about Puppet Theatre and Teenage engagement.

Last but not least….

The TEEN Project is looking forward to applying for another round of Creative Europe funding so, if you are interested in being a partner for the next research project, do let us know!

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