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SEGNI – New Generations Festival, Mantova 2017

Join Us in Italy

During the SEGNI – New Generations Festival, TEEN participants from Italy, Denmark and Norway will coming together in Mantova to take part in a 3-day programme focusing on the critique of Shadow and Puppet Theatre. The programme includes workshops, roundtable discussions and, of course, shared performance expereinces.

About the Festival:

Created in 2006 by Segni d’Infanzia association, SEGNI New Generations Festival is an exclusive, international Art event in Italy for Children and Teenagers from 18 months to 18 years old. It is aimed at schools, families, and those who love Theatre. It involves both transgenerational and international audiences.

Artists from all over the world perform in shows, workshops, Art tours, and multidisciplinary performances in which Music, Painting, Theatre, Sculpture and Dance are combined. What results is an exciting programme of Arts accessible to audience members of any nationality or age.

Over 8 days, 300 events are held across some of the best venues in Mantova. Palazzo Ducale, Bibiena Theatre, Palazzo Te, together with many other places in the city, will be transformed for the occasion into theatrical spaces worth discovering. Every year, the festival is represented by an animal drawn by a great Italian Artist such as Dario Fo, Altan, Bergonzoni, Sanna, or Moretti. The festival creates an artistic installation based on this drawing in a participatory way – it involves more than 5000 participants from all over the country!

SEGNI takes place in Mantova every year during the last week of October through to the first week of November. It has, and continues to be, an incredible and ever-growing success with a strong representation of Artists to inspire future generations. Even the President of the Republic has lent his support by sponsoring a Representation Prize!

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