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Special Packages Available for Teenagers & Professionals

At SEGNI New Generations Festival 2018

SEGNI New Generations Festival 2018 is delighted to offer special packages for Teenagers and Artists & Creative Professionals at our event being held between 27th October and 4th November.

Are you wondering about how to strength your relationship with young audiences? We are offering you a great opportunity to exchange best practices of engaging Teenagers in Theatre.

During the SEGNI festival, on the 1st November 2018, we will hold the final meeting of the TEEN Project and explore what Teenagers think and feel about the Performing Arts. If you are a professional and you are able to bring at least three Teenagers with you, we are able to offer you hospitality and a special TEEN Project ticket package that includes access to performances, debates, and workshops.

For more details, please email: segnidinfanzia@gmail.com

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