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TEEN Kitchen Table Meeting – Aprilfestival – Theatre for Young Audiences 2019 (Denmark)

A Danish Kitchen Table Meeting

Approximately 80 Teenagers and young adults from across Denmark met to discuss:

  • How is stagecraft relevant to us?
  • And how do we find out about performances?

The ensuing discussion was very passionate and covered issues relating to travel, geography, and accessibility of tickets.

Interestingly, only a few Creative Professionals & Artists stayed to hear this discussion being facilitated by the Teenagers, despite many attending the meeting just beforehand that explored the topic: “What do the Teenagers want?” The paradox here is quite obvious!

We are working towards developing a format not of Audience Development but of Audience Dialogue which includes the Creative Professionals & Artists. We’ll be trying our various things on this during Aprilfestival 2020 being held in the municipality of Holbæk. To help us we have included three Teenage representatives in the working group of this 2020 event.

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