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TEEN Project at Bobri Festival of Culture and Art Education 2019 (Slovenia)

We Travelled to Ljubljana!

As part of the Teenage Ambassadors across Europe project, the project partners are working to develop the tools and methods used in the first two years of the project.

One of the tools developed was the TEEN Kitchen Table Meeting which has been used lots by the Danish Teenagers over the last few years. The Danish Teenage Ambassadors then met teenagers attending Bobri Festival of Culture and Art Education 2019 (Slovenia) – http://www.bobri.si/ The Slovenian teenagers did not know each other but, over two days of preparation for the TEEN Kitchen Table Meeting and by attending shows and cultural excursions together, they came together as a group.

The preparation required for teenagers participating in the TEEN Kitchen Table Meeting includes playing games, getting to know each other, and Teenager-led discussion and reflection on the topic to be explored in the Kitchen Table (free from adult interference!). The Danish Teenage Ambassadors (who had previously participated in a TEEN Kitchen Table Meeting) supported the Slovenian teenagers during the preparation process as well as the actual event.

Overall, the Danish group had a great experience and enjoyed the challenge of sharing the TEEN Kitchen Table Format with other teenagers. It was discovered that more needs to be done in supporting the new group in framing the TEEN Kitchen Table Meeting – for example in emphasising to the Teenagers their role as hosts. It is important that the Teenager hosts greet and seat the participants, and also explain the rules of the discussion to the participating audience.

After the February TEEN Kitchen Table Meeting in Ljubljana, the Director of BOBRI festival, Tadeja PungerĨar, was invited to the MESS Festival 2019 (Yugoslavia) where she was going to share the TEEN Kitchen Table Meeting format further.

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