• Nature Theater of Oklahoma and EnKnapGroup – The Pursuit of Hapiness

    Jeg har vært og sett forestillingen The Pursuit of happiness av Nature Theater of Oklahoma, på Under the Radar festivalen i New York. Forestillingen starter som en klassisk cowboyfilm, med overdrevne bevegelser og stand-offs. Hver av danserne er en ulykkelig cowboy som forteller litt om seg selv og situasjonen sin. Igjennom hele denne sekvensen så står […]

  • “The Basement”

    ENGLISH One drum, one drummer, some guitars and pedals, a guitarist (and dancer) and four dancers. Add some scenography and you could, if you’re a genius of emotive expressions and the dancers are really good interprets, have something like The Basement. There is almost no text, just music and dancing, physical and musical representation of […]

  • Romeo and Juliet – Review

    Niels Chr. Nielsen, Nordborg, Denmark 26/4 We saw Romeo and Julie made by Shakespeare. It was good and different. They didn’t use any props at all. They were only four people to play the piece with many characters. We saw it on Ahlmann-skolen in Sønderborg. We ate on Sønderborghus and had a work. We made […]